Trailer Park Bros Coaching Program

Learn why mobile home park investing will get you out of the rat race quicker and give you less headaches along the way!


Trailer Park Bros

Why Mobile Home Parks?

Lower Taxes

With mobile home parks, you are taxed on the land with a small portion attributed to infrastructure (water and sewer lines, electric, gas, concrete pads) while apartment complexes are taxed on the entire building plus the infrastructure. Mobile homes are considered personal property similar to a car!

Lower Maintenance

In an ideal scenario, when you own a mobile home park, you do NOT own any of the mobile homes in the park, which means NO phone calls when there is an issue with the toilet or the kitchen sink.

Most Recession Proof Real Estate Asset

Living in a mobile home is the cheapest form of living in a home with your own four walls. Average lot rent at a mobile home park in the United States is $250/month. In the past, when the housing market crashes, mobile home parks are unaffected and occupancy rates tend to go up!

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Are you the right fit?

  • Highly motivated individuals or partners
  • Passionate about real estate and specifically mobile home parks
  • Understand the value of a mentor or coach
  • Willing to commit a full year to trying to buy a mobile home park
  • Honest individuals who pride themselves on doing the right thing
  • Doesn't mind having a little fun

Trailer Park Bros Team

Dan Gibson: Co-Founder, Bought and Sold over 5 million dollars worth of real estate and mobile home parks, Owns over 225 rental units/lots, passionate about structuring deals and creating win-win situations

Nick Gibson: Co-Founder, Owns and Manages over 200 rental units/lots, Licensed real estate agent, passionate about implementing systems to manage residents and employees

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Sam Zell “Mobile home parks have the most opportunity. It is the greatest business since sliced bread.”

-- Sam Zell, largest mobile home park owner, multi-billionaire

GuaranteedAbsolutely Zero Risk - If you do everything we tell you to do and you don’t get at least 1 mobile home park under contract, we will refund you your investment in the coaching program.

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